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What is Burly Buck Custom Outdoors?

As an avid outdoorsman who happens to be unusually large in stature, it is has always been extremely difficult to find gear that fits properly in all directions. We founded Burly Buck to cater to those who want custom made gear at an affordable price. We use top quality components designed to meet your specifications for every product we make. No matter your size, tall, short, thin, or rotund…we will fit your unique needs!

Even XL sleeping bags leave your shoulders uncovered? Hate buying made for two hammocks because of weight limits? Tired of buying child’s products because you get lost in anything made in mature color patterns? Burly Buck is here to help! We have hammocks designed to hold up to 600 lbs. Sleeping bags made to fit your height, weight and shoe size. Not only that, but all of our sleeping gear comes in a variety of comfort levels and weights. Want an Ultra-Light Sleeping bag or quilt rated for zero degrees? We have up to 950 fill power down and 10D taffeta nylon fabrics that can keep a 6’6″ tall man warm with under 2 lbs of weight!

Custom Designed

All of our gear is designed to fit your needs.

Friendly Service

Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask! We are happy to help!


Your gear need a patch job after your last outing? We offer fast and affordable repair service on all of our products! We can even repair other brands too! .

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